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      Plastic Mould Manufacturer

      SinoMould is a famous plastic mould manufacturer in China,has rich experience in designing and manufacturing plastic mould. Since its establishment in 1999, SinoMould has produced more than 300,000 sets of plastic moulds, and has systematically summarized and filed all the technical points, solutions and debugging parameters of plastic moulds. The summary of these technologies and experiences is the wealth of SinoMould, and also provides many technical solutions for our customers, thus helping customers save a lot of time and production costs.

      Plastic Mould Manufacturer

      In order to make all the plastic moulds well, SinoMould focus on the feasibility analysis of plastic parts forming, the quality of mould design and the control of the dimension of mould parts.
      1. Feasibility analysis of plastic parts forming, we check every plastic parts to ensure that there are no defects in the design of plastic parts. Because the design defect of plastic parts is a very big problem when the mould is made, which often leads to irreparable mistakes and delays.
      2. Plastic mold design analysis, when mold design, we take into account the injection process, processing methods, assembly methods and user maintenance convenience. Because good moulds are from good design.
      3. Strict dimensional control of die parts. Before finishing, tolerance and processing flow are stipulated on the 2D drawings of each part. Each step of processing is strictly self-checked and sent for inspection according to the tolerance on the drawings.

      Selecting SinoMould as your mould supplier is tantamount to choosing an excellent supplier of plastic parts design and mould manufacturing experts to ensure that your project can be delivered smoothly on time and good quality.
      Welcome to SinoMould, we have been adhering that we not only provide a set of plastic mould, but also a fine solution,we sell not only molds, but also our service and culture.


      Offer the best solution for plastic mould upon your requirement and budget plan with lifetime service.


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