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    1. 2020-04-22

      Paint Bucket Mould

      Sino Mould has been committed to providing customers with high-quality plastic paint bucket molds and IML solutions, specifications from 1L, 5L to 25L. We provides customers with a series of services such as high-competitive product design, high-quality mold design, strict mold manufacturin...



      Medical Protective Eyewear Production Lines

      Medical protective eyewear are glasses when we wear during exercising or working, widely used in swimming, underwater diving, experiment test...Medical protective eyewear can prevent bacteria, droplets...The purpose is to protect our eyes.Medical protective eyewear production lines is a tur...



      Five Gallons Bottle Cap Mould

      Sino Mould has been focusing on the technological innovation and development of packaging cap moulds. Over the past 20 years, it has developed and manufactured a wide range of bottle caps mould. Such as drinking cap mold, cosmetic cap mold, etc. Our plastic cap moulds are favored by ma...



      Plastic Thin Wall Container Mould

      Plastic thin wall container moulds are in large market as that the plastic thin wall containers are still in big demand. Here, as the 25+ years of experience on plastic container injection moulds tooling, list some technical points of superior plastic container moulds for your reference. 1. ...


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