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    1. China Mould

      China Mould manufacturers are improving day by day, in 30 years ago, China Mould was in a very bad situation. Due to China mould industries have not got matured in philosophy and technologies, China mould industries did not own so many high classic mould making engineers.
      Today, China mould became more and more popular, due to China Mould good quality and economical cost.
      Now in China, there are a lot of China mould companies, they are getting famous in the world due to their products tooling ranges.
      Below list some professional China mould makers:
      China Mould Automotive Mould
      Sino Automotive Mould Co. www.automotive-mould.com
      China Mould Home Appliance Mould
      Sino Home Appliance Mould Project: www.cqykj.cn/home-appliance-mould.html
      China Mould Pipe Fitting Mould
      Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Project: www.pipe-fitting-mould.com
      China Mould BMC Mould
      Sino BMC mould project: www.bmc-mould.net
      China Mould Die-Casting mould
      Sino Die-Casting Mould project: www.die-casting-mold.com
      China Mould Packaing Mould
      Sino Package Mould project: www.preform-mold.com www.sino-pk.com
      China Mould Extruding Mould
      Sino Extruder Engineering project: www.sino-pm.com
      China mould manufacturers are developing very fast, such like Sino Mould, from 2008 to 2011 year, Sino Mould invested more than 5M USD for tooling and measuring machine. China mould has changed the production formula, we believe that only based on good mould design and good machining processing and precision machine, China mould can compare the European mould quality.